At Haws we believe and trust in the quality of our products. Our watering cans have been tried and tested for over a hundred years, and we are confident in the expert workmanship and materials we use.

We offer our customers the Haws Guarantee of up to 10 years peace of mind that if your product becomes unusable due to a manufacturing defect within this time, we will either repair it or send you a replacement. Unfortunately, the guarantee is not applicable to items that have been accidentally or wilfully damaged.

The length of Haws Guarantee varies depending on the product you purchased, if a product is sold with a Haws Guarantee this will clearly be displayed on the product page. Not all our products fall within the extended guarantee, but can be returned with 28 days should a manufacturing defect become apparent.

If you wish to return your product under the terms of our Guarantee, please email

For full terms and conditions please click here.

The Haws Lifetime Guarantee covers against manufacturing defects, regardless of age. ‘The Warley Fall HDG’ is covered under this warranty. As part of our environmental commitment we aim to carry out repairs, rather than replace products. We strongly encourage owners to take care of and carry out simple maintenance on their watering cans, as you would with any tool. Any such product that is beyond repair, will be offered an exact replacement or, if not available, a comparable Haws product will be offered. The defective product must be delivered to Haws for inspection and repair work. Postage and insurance are the responsibility of the owner. The Haws Lifetime Guarantee does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, accidental damage, improper care or cleaning, non-standard usage, or negligence. The final decision as to whether The Haws Lifetime Guarantee will cover your product will be at Haws’ discretion.